The Nurturing Co is the first Singaporean company to receive the ESGmark®

The Nurturing Co is the first Singaporean company to receive the ESGmark®

The Nurturing Co has become the first company in Singapore to have successfully received the ESGmark® accreditation for its Environmental, Social and Governance practices. ESGmark® analyzed the company’s relationship with the environment, their consumers, employees and the community before awarding them the mark in November 2020. The Nurturing Co is committed to bringing products that are better for the planet and people through fair, sustainable and ethical practices. 

“As a business focused on sustainability becoming certified by ESGmark® is a key milestone in our development and in setting out the framework of a young company. We believe working with the ESGmark® team and community will help us focus on the achievement of the various UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are excited to have joined the first cohort and look forward to welcoming many more companies to the ESGmark® family.” added David Ward, CEO and Founder of The Nurturing Co.

The ESGmark® which has its roots in the UK, would help The Nurturing Co communicate with consumers as it expands into the UK. The ESGmark® is seen as a respected and trusted symbol which assists consumers in identifying companies that are working responsibly towards a fair and sustainable future. “We are delighted to welcome The Nurturing Co. as the newest member of the rapidly growing ESGmark® community. We are deeply impressed by their holistic approach to all elements of Environmental, Social and Governance criteria. Not only is The Nurturing Company our first member in Singapore but it is also the first whose entire business and product range is focused on sustainable hygiene products. We are really looking forward to working with the team and helping them with their market entry into the UK,” added Emma Beardsley, Director of Community Membership at ESGmark®.

About ESGmark®

ESGmark® was founded in London, UK as the founders realized that investors were becoming increasingly concerned in the environmental, social and governance practices of companies. Thus, they identified a growing need for a reliable criteria companies can use to evaluate their performance in the ESG sectors. The ESGmark® was founded with the intention of ensuring that companies of all sizes had a role to play in combating the climate crisis and developing a fair society. In order to make the ESGmark® feasible for all, the founders engaged in research to develop a simplified straightforward framework that would help motivate companies to make positive changes. ESGmark® is also aimed at consumers and is an avenue to inform, educate and empower the growing numbers of socially responsible consumers to make smarter choices. 

About The Nurturing Co

The Nurturing Co is a next generation sustainable consumer products company that creates, manufactures, and sells earth friendly, modern brands answering today’s consumer needs for tomorrow. The Nurturing Co, has received high acclaim online and offline for their range of sustainable products.  Its products are made from 100% FSC certified virgin bamboo pulp that are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The Bambooloo® range consists of toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and facial tissues. In light of the rise of personal protection face masks due to the COVID pandemic, Bambooloo® has released a 100% natural fiber mask, NAT:Mask©, that is made out of a trio of bamboo, cotton and silk. The company won the inaugural Best Social Enterprise Award in 2019 and is nominated for the Best Asian Startup Award in 2020. Bambooloo has partnered with the World Toilet Organization and has introduced the 'Penny Per Roll' initiative in November 2020. A penny per roll and equivalent in other markets will be donated to the World Toilet Organization aimed at increasing awareness and improving sanitation conditions around the world. Since launching, The Nurturing Co has expanded into the New Zealand & Malaysia markets and are now planning to launch into the UK market via Seedrs.

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