Billion-dollar gaming leader Razer™ makes first green investment in the sustainable bamboo toilet paper brand BAMBOOLOO®

Billion-dollar gaming leader Razer™ makes first green investment in the sustainable bamboo toilet paper brand BAMBOOLOO®


Razer™, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, announced the launch of its USD $50 million Razer Green Fund on Earth Day 2021. The first investment from this fund is on award-winning company The Nurturing Co that makes BAMBOOLOO®, a sustainable bamboo toilet paper brand which is the first to use zero single-use plastic retail-ready packaging.

Razer's Go Green Initiative

The #GoGreenWithRazer initiative was introduced by Razer in March 2021, including a 10-year sustainability roadmap. Their plan covers areas such as preserving nature, protecting the environment, using 100% renewable energy by 2025 and achieving 100% carbon neutrality by 2030. Other announcements made under the #GoGreenWithRazer initiative includes the hugely successful Sneki Snek Campaign where Razer partnered with Conservation International to protect 1 million trees, and the limited-edition Kanagawa Wave Apparel Collection made from recovered marine plastics.

Razer’s investment in BAMBOOLOO® was announced timely on Earth Day 2021 on 22nd April 2021. The theme for Earth Day 2021 is Restore Our Earth™, which focuses on natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. Through this partnership, BAMBOOLOO® would soon supply bamboo toilet paper to some of Razer’s global offices, such as its upcoming Southeast Asian Headquarters and its Malaysian office.

Bambooloo's products and impact

According to BAMBOOLOO®, bamboo products require 90% less water and 70% less carbon to produce than wood-pulp paper products. By simply shifting to BAMBOOLOO® toilet paper, a family of four can save over 30,000 liters of water in a year. All BAMBOOLOO® packaging contains 0% single-use plastic and is made out of FSC certified recycled paper. Bambooloo’s range of products also includes bamboo kitchen rolls, facial tissues and natural fibre reusable masks, allowing consumers to reduce their carbon, water and plastic footprint even further. BAMBOOLOO® also pulls out plastic from the ocean for every roll sold through its partnership with ocean clean-up organisation Seven Clean Seas.


Razer CEO Min-Liang

“Razer has been driving many environmental efforts to protect our world for future generations to game in,” said Min-Liang Tan, CEO and Co-Founder at Razer. “We are now looking forward to working with BAMBOOLOO®, who have gone above and beyond to protect the planet by making plastic-free bamboo toilet paper readily accessible to the masses. We are excited to have met such like-minded partners and are confident that more budding conservation startups will step up to the playing field.”


"The whole team at The Nurturing Co™ is excited to welcome Razer as a strategic investor. There was an immediate matching of possibilities and a desire to help make a positive impact around the world when we first spoke about this idea. It feels right in so many ways to have Razer™ be a part of our business". Shared David Ward, the Singapore-based company’s CEO and founder of The Nurturing Co™.

“We are extremely excited to have Razer join us as a strategic investor at a pivotal time for their own green journey. With their help and engagement, we can continue the overseas expansion of Bambooloo, led by our best-selling toilet roll and kitchen roll. This new investment will allow us to extend our market launch in the UK and help us begin our first steps in the United States.” commented Ward about Razer’s green initiatives.Razer will continue working together with The Nurturing Co™ to leverage Razer’s ecosystem and scale up their businesses. Razer will also continue investing in other promising sustainability startups with a focus on renewable energy, carbon, and plastic management.

“Our own internal mantra of "lean on and learn from" means we can gain in real-time from the prior experiences of the various Razer teams across the world in building D2C business models, and growing at pace. In turn, we hope they will feel able to lean on and learn from our experiences in the sustainable and environmental sector, as a part of their own evolution to a greener future." expressed Ward about working with Razer.

“We are on a mission to reduce and remove single-use plastics and encourage behavioural change by helping consumers around the world transition towards more sustainable and less impacting solutions,” said David Ward.

“With the demand for toilet paper skyrocketing last year as the COVID-19 pandemic reared its head all over the world, we realised that we needed to be at the forefront of a paradigm shift towards not only waste reduction but waste elimination. Even as our BAMBOOLOO® business is growing very well, more than 90% of the global hygiene paper market is still held by giant multinationals who are continuing to chop down over 27,000 trees a day to fuel their various supply chains for wood pulp toilet paper. We have to look at the issue from another perspective in order to address today’s consumer needs for tomorrow,” added Ward.

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CEO and Founder

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Head of Marketing

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