We are The nurturing Co.

Our mission

We are The Nurturing Co.
We exist to inspire personal reduction and remove change towards a no-plastic waste future through the development & distribution of daily-use essential products that are better for people and the planet.

We believe in creating and offering the best products that improve not only our daily lives but also the world we share.

We believe that an ethical product can be a better product.

Being free from harsh chemicals, our products are gentler on our bodies, ideal for people with allergies, and safer for young children and babies.

01. we are plastics free, whenever possible

Landfills and our oceans are home today to more than 5 billion tons of non-degradable plastic.

Single-use plastics in packaging are growing, and could double by 2050, unless we all do something about it!

We create products that are 100% free of one-time-use plastics and for some 100% of any plastics. Products that come in packaging without non-degradable plastics. It might cost us a bit more, but its impact lasts forever.

02. we source thoughtfully

The destruction of ecosystems and loss of biodiversity is caused by harvesting forests and unregulated farming.

We do not use virgin wood pulp in our products. We search for better natural alternatives such as bamboo that can grow faster and not destroy ecosystems and bio-diversity when harvested.

We also invest in developing new products that upcycle the previously unusable by-products from farming.

03. we love life

We believe in creating shared value when we work with local communities and local producers.

We are committed to improving living standards and developing thriving communities for the people who work to create these products.

We are also working towards our B Corporation certification. That is our commitment, to build a business that is a force for good and that is better for the world.

04. we are making our world great again

We only work with partners who share our values to minimize the impact on the environment.

We closely monitor and continually upgrade to reduce emissions, energy consumption, and waste so that what we make is not only great for you but great for the planet.

We are focused on reducing and removing plastics, whenever and wherever possible in our society and the environment…


Bambooloo is on a mission to create sustainable home-care alternatives that are better for the people and the planet and reduce and remove single-use plastics whenever and wherever possible.
Bambooloo is the first brand with 0% single-use plastic retail ready packaging. By creating sustainable bamboo paper products packaged in single-use plastic-free packaging, Bambooloo has set out to save water, carbon and plastic with every roll and wipe.

The origins of Bambooloo

In early 2016, Bambooloo was created in the United States by Lara Amoroso, a single mom wanting to make a stand against the tidal wave of one-time use plastics.
She teamed up with David Ward a veteran of the sustainable products market in 2017 and the brand became a part of The Nurturing Co. in 2018.
We are determined to make an impact, we’re going all out to create a better, greener alternative that’s sustainably sourced using zero one-time use plastics.