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Bamboo Kitchen Roll GrabBag | 4 rolls

Bamboo Toilet Roll | 48 rolls

My favorite anti-bac wipes!

I like that there isn't any funny chemical smell, and these are gentle on my hands too. One canister lasts a really long time! The design is great as it keeps all the wipes moist, so they don't dry up and have to be thrown away.

Bamboo Grande Kitchen Rolls

Bamboo Facial Tissues | 1 box

Repeat bulk subscription buyer

We love Bambooloo! Love that we can buy in bulk at a discount and not worry about needing to restock for months! Also love that it’s completely plastic free! The quality is great- strong and soft - and there’s no funky smell or synthetic scent. Thank you for the great product you offer that’s better for us and the environment!


I am a MANY times REPEAT customer for this product is my ULTIMATE FAVOURITE item!!!
My family uses it for EVERYTHING :) If you haven't tried it, you DEFINITELY SHOULD!!!


Good quality of the Tissues and also protect the mother earth.

Great product

Repeated order and have been using this wipes all along. Delivery was fast and packed nicely in Bambooloo box which can be easily stored. Will surely get more in future.

Best anticeptic wipes

Have been using this product for the past 3 years! It has the right thickness and size daily for home use. It will not dry up easily like some other packet products. Use it to wipe my cell phone, bag and others when I reach home to disinfect . Very satisfied with this product.👍


We do our best to be tree free and environmentally friendly but I’ll admit I’m not a fan of using washable wipes for toilet. Bamboo is the perfect compromise and it’s far superior to any paper toilet paper product. It’s strong it’s soft it has no smell, and at a great price. I’m thrilled I found it.

Love the individual pack, wrapped with paper and hygienic

Have been on subscription for half a year ++ now, happy that the 36 rolls is back in stock as my wife and I both love the individual rolls wrapped with paper that actually helps prevent the rolls from being wet/damaged in our high humid weather. Very much recommended!

I still haven't received it.

Delivery company said they try to deliver to the house but i was home all day. This has happened to me about 3 concussive times now.. so I am pretty sure it is not me. I don't event know who to contact. They left no note, no phone number, just undelivered in the tracking system.

Great product

I have used these wet wipes before. Love the texture, the wetness (neither too wet nor too dry), and the size of the wipes is just nice for wiping hands and surfaces. Great that it’s made froM bamboo too.

5 stars!

been using these toilet rolls for 3 years (if not more) now :)

Comfortable and effective

The 3 ply toilet paper is much more comfortable and effective than I thought. It arrived in environmentally appropriate paper packaging, which is good for storage. Will definitely buy more next time.

Quick delivery and good quality

Greatly absorbent!

Great product; not only is it great for the environment, but it actually absorbs better than the Kleenex equivalent I would otherwise buy.

PlusPly© Bamboo Toilet Rolls | 24 rolls
Kristine Tan

Why I order this Bambooloo because it’s individually packed n I like the packing too . However, I hope the quality of the toilet roll can be softer . it seems like my previous order the rolls were much softer .

PlusPly© Bamboo Toilet Rolls | 24 rolls
Freddie M
Great sustainable toilet roll!

I have a regular customer of Bambaloo now for over a year and it's the only toilet roll that I buy.

Bamboo 3 Ply Toilet Roll GrabBag

Not impressed with the delivery company

Hi there, the products are fine as ever. One thing that left me questioning was the delivery company used. The company is called Aramak and an elderly gentleman delivered the products. It was raining so he carried them from his van to under my roof first. I asked him to move them inside, then he asked me to do it. I have bad back so I couldn’t help him. He looked at me in disbelief. While I support old people having jobs, Aramak should not be using them for delivery on his own. Is there any way you guys can speak to your partners to improve this? This experience left a bad taste in mouth and I hesitate to purchase in future, worried this will happen again...

Bamboo 3 Ply Toilet Roll GrabBag | 16 rolls

Bamboo 3 Ply Toilet Roll

Surprisingly it is strong, highly absorbent, and soft as advertised.

Good quality.

Been using for many years.