The Nurturing Co Wins 2020 Asian Startup Award

The Nurturing Co Wins 2020 Asian Startup Award

The Nurturing Co, a next generation sustainable products company, was ranked #1 in the Social Impact Category and #7 in Singapore on Pitchdeck Asia's 2020 Asian Startup Award. The 2020 Asian Startup Awards aims to shine a light on the upcoming start ups in the Asian region. Over 3200 votes were cast by registered LinkedIn users that placed the 642 nominated startups in their respective categories. The Nurturing Co came in the first place in the Social Impact category. 

"We are extremely humbled to have won this award, which has been voted on by members of the public. When we found out we had been nominated, we shared the news with our community and were very grateful and humbled that many took the time out to vote for us. Winning in the social impact category is a huge event for the little company on BIG mission. Everything we do is aimed at trying to help people improve their lives and reduce their impact on the environment so this award resonates deeply with our core values." shared David Ward, the CEO of The Nurturing Co.

 David Ward, Founder of The Nurturing Co

About The Nurturing Co

The Nurturing Co is a next generation sustainable consumer products company that creates, manufactures, and sells earth friendly, modern brands answering today’s consumer needs for tomorrow. The Nurturing Co, has received high acclaim online and offline for their range of sustainable products. Its products are made from 100% FSC certified virgin bamboo pulp that are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The Bambooloo® range consists of toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and facial tissues. In light of the rise of personal protection face masks due to the COVID pandemic, Bambooloo® has released a 100% natural fiber mask, NAT:Mask©, that is made out of a trio of bamboo, cotton and silk. The company won the inaugural Best Social Enterprise Award in 2019 and the Best Asian Startup Award for the Social Impact Category in 2020. Bambooloo has partnered with the World Toilet Organization and has introduced the 'Penny Per Roll' initiative in November 2020. A penny per roll and equivalent in other markets will be donated to the World Toilet Organization aimed at increasing awareness and improving sanitation conditions around the world. Since launching, The Nurturing Co has expanded into the New Zealand & Malaysia markets and are now planning to launch into the UK market via Seedrs. 

About Pitchdeck Asia

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